Gregory A. Feiden

Assistant Professor of Astronomy
University of North Georgia


Hello and welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Observatory Director at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, Georgia, USA. My research is focused on the structure and evolution of low-mass stars, where low mass refers to stars with masses between 8% and 120% of the mass of our Sun. In particular, I am interested in whether magnetic fields or magnetic activity (such as starspots, seen below on the Sun) play a significant role in determining the observed properties of stars. To do this, I compare predictions from theoretical stellar models to observations of both single stars and stars in binary systems (specifically eclipsing binaries). You can read about this here.

My curriculum vitae.


16 Mar 2018
UNG's Stellar Evolution Research Group is hiring one UNG undergraduate to act as a full-time summer resident observer at the North Georgia Astronomical Observatory during summer 2018. The position is supported by a Georgia Space Grant Consortium research grant.

    Apply Here: LINK TBA

13 Mar 2018
UNG's Stellar Evolution Research Group is hiring one UNG undergraduate for summer 2018 to investigate how starspots affect the properties of young, low-mass stars. The project is supported by a Faculty-Undergraduate Summer Engagement (FUSE) award from UNG's Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (CURCA).

    Apply Here: LINK TBA

19 Dec 2018
Dr. Feiden is part of a team awarded a $430,000 Astrophysics Theory Grant by NASA to explore helium concentrations in galactic globular clusters. UNG was awarded $60,000 to support a UNG undergraduate researcher for each of the next 3 summers (2018 - 2020). [Featured in the Dahlonega Nugget]

28 Nov 2017
Khian Skidmore is now a McNair Scholar! Khian, a junior physics major at UNG and member of UNG's stellar evolution research group, was awarded a scholarship through UNG's Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. Congratulations to Khian!

27 Oct 2017
Team members Jessica Hamilton, Max Roberts, Khian Skidmore, and Dr. Feiden attended the Georgia Regional Astronomy Meeting (GRAM) at the University of Georgia. Jessica and Max presented posters showing results of their research projects. Learn more about their work on our research group page, or take a look at their posters, which are archived on Zenodo:

Max's Poster: Decoding the Evolution of Young Stars: A Look at Magnetic Fields

Jessica's Poster: Star spots and their impact on observable stellar properties